The process of accepting articles


From date of submitting article till date of printing and publishing articles in the journal’s site four stages will be passed:

a. Preliminary acceptance Stage

In this stage, articles, which are written by “guidance of writing articles”, will be accepted and will be sent to judges for judging.

b. judging stage

Accepted articles will be sent to at least two judges, which are expert in that field, and after judging will divides in three sections:

1. Articles that will be published without editing.

2. Articles that will be published after editing of judges.

3. Articles that are not capable for publishing.

c. Editing stage

In this stage, the author or authors, must edit their article based on reformations of judges at most 10 days after submitting the article.

d. Final acceptance stage

After editing stage that is based on reformations of judges, the article would be in turn for publishing and the author will be informed by a letter.