Quran Interdisciplinary Studies Journal


The specialized Biannual Journal of Interdisciplinary Quranic Studies has been designed and created in line with the guidelines of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei with the aim of promoting and developing interdisciplinary studies on the Quran, providing the ground for making Quranic concepts, culture and research functional at different levels in organizations and institutions, and publishing the findings of interdisciplinary Quranic studies conducted by the ACECR-affiliated Iranian Academics’ Quranic Activities Organization (IAQAO).  

The journal was first published by the Quranic activities deputy of the IAQAO in 2008. Five issues of the journal, which is published every six months, have been released so far.

The biannual journal is available for researchers and scholars in the following websites:


Islamic World Science Citation Center:www.isc.gov.ir 

Noor Specialized Magazines Website:  www.noormags.com

Iran magazines website: www.magiran.com

Website of regional center for science and technology information: www.srlst.com

ACECR’s scientific information database: www.sid.ir

Website of Iranian Academics’ Quranic Activities Organization: www.iska.ir